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The High Performance Foil

Our Boards for Wing, Kite and Surf!

Lift works with the world’s top athletes and designers – including legendary shaper Sean Ordoñez – to create the most aerodynamic boards for your ride. Our boards are designed to perform best, and are guaranteed to last for years, even with heavy use.

planches de surf LIFT
Aile de foil LIFT

Our wings

Our wings are made of the latest generation carbon fiber, designed in factories inspired by the manufacturing processes of Formula 1 parts. This allows very good shock resistance, incomparable durability over time, while maintaining extreme lightness. A wide variety of sizes allows to obtain all the sensations desired by the riders, in all the conditions. Every detail has been thought out and tested by world-renowned riders, including size, shape and angles to ensure optimal control and stability, while minimizing drag and maximizing water resistance.

Our Masts

Lift foils has spent over a decade refining the design and construction of its masts, one of the essential components of foilboards. The carbon fiber used is of the highest quality, which achieves minimal weight and stiffness for optimum handling and stability.

mats de foil lift

Our foil surfboards

Our surf foil boards, the benchmark in the field, offer the perfect balance for incomparable performance.
The carbon fiber construction offers lightness, impressive handling and is very strong, to provide years of intensive use.

5’0 foil surfboard

42 liters

Powerful, stable, makes it easier to catch waves. Designed to master the foil. An excellent board for learning and progressing over the long term.

4’6 Foil Surfboard

34 Liters

Well balanced, stable and efficient. Great sensations with total maneuverability in all conditions

4’0 foil surfboard

28 Liters

Our pro board, extremely agile and light for pumping efficiency. Comes with straps. Versions specific to kite/wake with 2 or 3 straps to choose from

Our wing foil boards

Our wing foil boards are specially designed to offer optimal performance when practicing your favorite sport.
Adapted to all water conditions, they will offer you incomparable performance.

Wing foil board 5’2

95 Liters

A still short, wide and stable board, perfect for beginners in wingfoil. Very versatile, you will not be limited.

Wing foil board 4’8

55 Liters

A board with a rounded shape, offering optimal volume, stability and maneuverability. Ideal for all foils and for surfing waves

Wing foil board 4’4

44 Liters

The smallest board in the range for incredible sensations. The smallest dimensions ideal for a water start with a medium wing.

The masts!

Our masts are made entirely of carbon fiber to offer ideal performance and weight. Unlike an aluminum mast, carbon fiber offers a much more « lively » feeling, more reactivity, for a lighter weight.

24 » mast (61cm)

The shortest version of the range. Ideal for learning and to reduce the weight of the swing under your feet.

28 » standard masts (71cm)

Our standard size for surf, SUP, wake and efoil.

32 » mid mast (81cm)

A longer mast for surf, SUP and eFoil. The smallest and sportiest mast for kitesurfing

36 » mats sail (91cm)

Our classic mast for kitesurfing.

Our last generation wings

Lift brings you its latest carbon fiber fender, with some of the best quality carbon fiber available, and ever superior performance, for each size range.
All the elements have been reviewed down to the smallest detail so that the shape, size and angles offer incomparable flight performance, with ever more freedom.
Our wings are very easy to assemble and interchangeable!

High Aspect Wings

High Aspect Wing – 120 Front

Pump at blazing speeds and with high efficiency
Excellent corner for surfing and sailing
Constructed with premium carbon fiber for ultimate stiffness in a small size.

High Aspect Wing – 170 Front

Fast, efficient
A great all-round wing for all disciplines

High Aspect Wing – 200 Front

The ultimate wing for surfing and lots of speed
Our recommended High Aspect wing par excellence.

High Aspect Wing – 250 Front

The large format wing for larger sizes
It will accompany you in your progress without worries.

60 Surf V2

A specialist kite for surfing big waves
Tested by the world’s best riders as they push the limits of foiling on the biggest waves.
Our fastest wing in the range

100 Surf V2

A fast wing for all windy disciplines.
Ideal for riding surf waves up to 10 feet
This kite is great in calm waters
Recommended to pair with the 32 Glide rear fender

150 Surf V2

Ideal for lying surfing. This wing is fast and carves aggressive turns
This wing offers a wide variety of speeds and a large turning radius
Ideal for all windy disciplines

200 Surf V2

An excellent beginner wing for recumbent foiling that will progress with you
A universal wing emphasizing balance and stability
A stable wing with lots of potential when riding with a wing in your hands
Try a few different rear fenders for different experiences, bigger for more stability and smaller for less drag.

250 Surf V2

The big brother of the 200 Surf V2
If you are a taller rider and need a bit more float and stability, this is a great option.
Pair it with a shorter board to gain maneuverability at lower riding speeds.

300 Surf V2

The perfect wing to get a very comfortable foil – whether surf foiling, or with a sail. Perfect for learning.
Don’t underestimate the 300 Surf, this wing will amaze you, it’s great fun to fly

Back wings- 25 Glide V2

Our smallest and fastest wing
A store favorite for pure speed
Amazing for surfing
Pairs well with 60S, 100S, 150S and all High Aspect fenders

Back wing- 32 Glide V2

Sporty and fast
Less surface area and a lower angle than larger sizes, provides better glide and faster speeds
Pairs well with 60S, 100S, 150S, 120HA, 170HA and 200 High Aspect

Back wing – 38 Glide V2

Our most versatile rear wing.
Pairs well with the 150 Surf and larger sizes

Back wing – 48 Glide V2

Our largest and most stable wing.
Fits well with sizes 200 and up.

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