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Latest novelty in water sports, the eFoil is a flying surfboard above the water, 100% electric.

LIFT foil, pioneering brand in foil manufacturing, has developed this technological feat in more than 10 years.
At the forefront of innovation, Lift e-Foil is the only electric foil designed solely in carbon.
It uses a latest-generation lithium-ion battery to power its quiet electric motor.
State-of-the-art materials, pour optimal performance.

The eFoil, requiring neither wind nor waves, has transformed the world of board sports.
Unique gliding and flying sensations, and a freedom that cannot be found in any water sport !

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Discover the fastest, lightest, most connected efoil.

LIFT FOIL, it’s 10 years of design and expertise in hydrofoil to obtain an unequaled result: a light and stable board and a powerful and responsive engine, on any body of water.
eFoils LIFT are the safest on the market. Unlike competitors, the manufacture of eFoils LIFT is largely carried out in the United States, which allows the brand to ensure the flawless quality of its products.
LIFT is the only brand to offer eFoils made entirely of carbon which allows them to be much more technical and light: greater maneuverability and better sensations of sliding and flight.

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The LIFT4 is Lift Foil’s best-selling eFoil, updated pour style, longevity and performance.  Here’s what’s new:

The eFoils Lift V4 have a new proprietary battery management system, and access to best-in-class battery cells allows ride time of more than 2.5hrs with our full battery, and 1.5hrs with our light battery. Ajout deitionally, charge time has been reduced to 50m pour our full battery, and 30 pour the light battery.

We’ve introduced our brand new LIFT4 eBox with Quiet Ride technology that reduces any acoustic noise while eFoiling down to near-silence so that when you fly… it’s just you and Mother Nature.

The new LIFT electric foil, the lightest and strongest on the market!

Official LIFT reseller in France, we have stock available immediately.

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