Efoil LIFT 3 ! The best electric foil available in France

New LIFT eFoil v 3 !

A new design, new sizes!

The eFoils Lift Version 3 have new aerodynamics for more maneuverability in flight, and increased ease of use. Designed in new generation carbon, the new sizes have a reduced weight while being even more resistant!

With a reduced length and a reduced volume at the nose of the board, the weight is reduced, the swing reduced so that the turns are even more fluid, with always more response.

The new LIFT electric foil, the lightest and strongest on the market!

In stock, delivered in 1 days*!

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The new LIFT 3 electric foil, a unique design.

Lift Foils exclusively offers you the fruit of 15 years of development and design. 15 years has developed an electric foil now unique in its kind.

In order to guarantee you a high quality experience and to offer you only the best, we have chosen to affiliate ourselves with LIFT FOILS, undoubtedly the inventor of the eFoil, and the best electric foil manufacturer in the world.

Although the LIFT 2 was already the fastest on the market, the LIFT 3 electric foil is even faster, lighter and more efficient than its predecessor: navigate up to 55 km/h out of the water!

Navigate now for more than 2 hours with our batteries, of flawless reliability. The security of these is unmatched in the market.

At the forefront of innovation, Lift e-Foil uses a latest generation lithium-ion battery to power its silent electric motor. The system is mounted on a full carbon fiber hydrofoil and is controlled by a very responsive Bluetooth wireless controller.

As a reminder, Lift eFoil does not emit any emissions or noise!


The new engine of the eFoil LIFT 3.

The Lift 3 motor has been redesigned to be more powerful, maintenance free, extremely efficient and quiet. Capable of making one person fly up to 55km/h, it can even make 2 people fly at the same time!

Unparalleled performance.

The LIFT3 propellers and their protection have been redesigned, the motor improved, in particular to reduce all noise and obtain perfect silence in flight, so that when you fly… there is only you and the horizon.
We also achieved better hydrodynamics with reduced drag and increased stability in overall use.

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A unique manufacturing process, materials of exceptional quality.

Lift electric foils are manufactured in the latest generation workshops, using the same manufacturing processes as those used in the design of parts for Formula 1 cars.
The latest generation tooling makes it possible to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures.

The result ? Extremely fine and resistant carbon fiber to obtain incomparable lightness and resistance.

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Personnalized wings.

Everyone has their own way of flying

Surf Series Combo lift

Lift, 20 years of expertise in foil design, electric or not.

Lift uses its expertise in foil manufacturing to offer users various flight sensations. Each wing has its piloting feeling. Being able to customize them as you wish allows you to obtain a wide range of possibilities in terms of maneuverability, stability and performance.

Nine front fender options and four rear fender options are available, giving LIFT customers a wide variety of customization options.

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