Efoil Lift 3 F 5'4 - Versatility and stability


At 5’4”, this board isn’t too large pour casual eFoiling, but still offers incredible stability to get anyone up and riding easily.

If you’re new to watersports and want our easiest, most affordable option to ride the Lift3 F 5’4 is pour you.

The new efoils offered by Lift foils, with Lift 3 F, are the most efficient fiberglass efoils available.

The novelty brought with Lift F is also the choice between a Full battery and a Half battery. The latter still has 60% autonomy compared to the Full battery, which saves 4kg compared to the first while having 1 hour of autonomy on the water.

The Lift 3 F 5’4 is the most stable fiberglass board. It offers increased stability pour more versatility, and by being more easily accessible to all. A little less than 2kg heavier than its carbon equivalent, it still offers excellent performance and sensational handling, which has made the reputation of Lift Foils.

The eFoils Lift 3 F are made of fiberglass, heavier than their carbon equivalents but also more economical, very resistant, offering speed, lightness, reliability and incomparable maneuverability.

Wing combinations

Anything goes.

– The 200 Surf offers versatility I your ride style

– Try the 250 Surf is great pour an extremely easy, ultra-stable ride  that keeps you out of the water and cruising.

Carbon fiber composite raw material background

Customize your Lift 3 F 5’4 electric foil with our team!

Customs and import charges are unstable, prices presented by Lift Puerto Rico are so-called « fluctuating » prices.
To obtain a final quote delivered (without additional import costs to be paid on delivery), please fill in the fields below.


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    Set the height of your masts

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    Accessories included with your Lift 3 F 5’4

    Hand_Control LIFT V3

    An ergonomic, waterproof Bluetooth controller that easily shows battery life and lets you quickly and intuitively switch between a host of speed and performance settings.
    Want to stop on board? Just release the trigger. For added safety, as soon as the joystick touches the water or the board tilts more than 45 degrees, the propulsion stops automatically.

    Surf Series Combo lift

    The wing included as standard is a « 200 » wing, the best compromise between stability and maneuverability. The wings are interchangeable, so you can try different models pour unlimited flight sensations.

    BatteryCharger LIFT

    Also included, a latest generation super charger capable of charging the battery in less than 2 hours. Ventilated to prevent overheating and equipped with a smart console, it is made with the latest innovations like the efoil LIFT.

    eFoil_Battery lift v3

    The rechargeable battery can provide up to 120 minutes of navigation, 1 year warranty pour the eFoil battery (or 300 cycles).

    eFoilCase_complete LIFT

    Essential accessories included in the kit that will be delivered to you, the board transport cover, the wing transport cover and the rigid cover pour transporting the mast and the box will of course be included in your order.
    Easy to store, assemble and transport!

    cable de donée lift

    The data cable is the cable that connects the electronic box to the battery. It must be used with care so as not to damage it.


    • A washing kit
    • A toolbox
    • A manual and quick start guide
    • A 2-year warranty pour the eFoil board
    • 1 year warranty pour the eFoil battery (or 300 cycles)

    Accessories you might need with your Lift 3 F?


    LIFT has developed an innovative retractable propeller allowing you to surf the waves without being slowed down by the original propeller. The two propeller blades fold up as soon as the throttle is released, which considerably reduces resistance. Only pour experienced riders, this accessory can be dangerous.

    Battery-case-380x380 LIFT

    The Zarges Case is a transport case pour the foil battery that meets IMDG, IATA, FAA and 49CFR requirements pour safe storage and transport lithium batteries. Zarges fireproof boxes are also UN HazMat certified and protected against splashing, humidity, temperature fluctuations etc.

    stand-600x600 LIFT

    The Stand Lift is a wooden display stand pour storing the foil horizontally, resting on the wing.
    This facilitates storage and transport on a trolley.

    Our foils are in stock on the Côte d’Azur!

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